Hobbs, Inc. - the award winning luxury home builder offers HobbsCare, a progeny of its long-standing reputation for exemplary quality and customer service. HobbsCare delivers the full range of maintenance and home improvements fine homes require. Having serviced these needs for decades as Hobbs Personal Estate Management, this team of master craftsmen and technical experts understands that a well-managed project is as comforting as one completed on time.

Protect the integrity of your home and build on your dreams.


Restore the original magnificence of your home by letting HobbsCare update and refresh your home to reflect modern styles or incorporate the latest technologies.


Magnificent houses require more maintenance than their smaller counterparts. Preserve your investment by having HobbsCare patch, fix and mend your house.


As the needs of you and your family evolve let HobbsCare remodel, modernize or completely redesign your magnificent home so that it remains as relevant as the day you moved in.