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Westchester County & NY


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At Hobbs Care, we specialize in managing and maintaining the highest quality of luxury homes in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.  Our company has been in business for decades with an excellent reputation that is simply unparalleled in the luxury market. We offer our clients a full range of home maintenance and remodeling services.

While we do larger remodels and specialty project such as wine rooms and pool houses, our ability to tackle the smaller jobs helps set us apart.  At Hobbs Care, we employ a dedicated project manager who focuses solely on small jobs.  We use high quality sub contractors and most of our subs have been working with Hobbs Care for five to ten years.  Additionally, all of our subcontractors have been thoroughly vetted before working for us.  This helps us maintain the same high level of service for both our small and large jobs.  We apply the same care and expertise in handling the building of an elaborate squash court as we do when cleaning gutters for a client.

Our comprehensive maintenance program provides our clients with the peace of mind that their luxury home is being looked at by the best home builder in the business.  Our services let you focus on your busy schedule instead of maintaining your home.  At Hobbs Care our goal is to earn the trust of home owners by working on the smaller maintenance projects.  We view there being just as much value in fixing someone’s gutters as doing a $5 million dollar project for them.  The following are just a few examples of the smaller jobs that we can perform.

  • Install All Types of Faux Painting Finishes & Murals
  • Check/Repair Pool Surfaces
  • Inspect/Repair Filtration
  • Maintain Tiles & Grout
  • Update/Clean Patio Furniture
  • Change Specialty Lighting
  • Service Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Clean Windows & Screens
  • Paint/Stain/Refinish Surfaces
  • Clean/Maintain Safe Chimneys
  • Replace Storms/Screens
  • Check for Water Damage
  • Diagnostic Consultations
  • Install Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Maintain Recreational Facilities
  • Weatherize Exterior Surfaces
  • Install/Inspect Outdoor Lighting
  • Re-stain/Paint/Seal Surfaces
  • Turn on Hose Bibs, Fountains Sprinkler Systems
  • Set Up Patio/Pool Furniture
  • Repair Storm Damage
  • Winterize/Summerize Piping
  • Clean Gutters & Downspouts
  • Control Seasonal Pests
  • We make seasonal transitions seamless.